Marathi Shala Calendar

HMM Shala 2019-20 Calendar

HMM Shala follows the local ISD calendar for the school district you reside in. Dates below assume Sunday school and the Katy ISD calendar; check with your coordinator for any changes.

Date Event
August 18 School Start date, Fall Semester (August 17 for EC; August 25 for Cypress)
September 1 School Holiday (Labor Day)
December 1 School Holiday (Thanksgiving)
December 16 Last day of Fall Semester
December 22 School Holiday (Winter break)
December 29 School Holiday (Winter break)
January 5 School Holiday (Winter break)
January 13 School Start Date, Spring Semester
January 19 Student Holiday (MLK Day)
February 16 Student Holiday (Presidents' Day)
March 8 Student Holiday (Spring Break)
April 12 Student Holiday (Good Friday/Easter)
May 17 Last day of Spring Semester

Total instructional days:

Fall: 16
Spring: 15

Key Dates

(Tentative, for planning ahead; check with your local branch for exact dates)

Oct 27 : Diwali - local center celebration

Dec 15 : Talent show - all students to prepare individual item, 2-3 minutes each

Mar 22 : Mock exam to confirm preparedness to take BMM exam

Apr 05 : Annual Gathering

Apr 19 : Backup/Alt date for Annual Gathering

May 03 : BMM exams. Local Shala Exams

May 10 : BMM exams. Local Shala Exams