Marathi Shala Calendar

HMM Shala 2020-21 Calendar

HMM Shala follows the local ISD calendar for the school district you reside in. Dates below assume Sunday school and the Katy ISD calendar; check with your coordinator for any changes.

Date Event
August 23 School Start date, Fall Semester
September 6 School Holiday (Labor Day)
October 11 School Holiday (Columbus Day)
November 29 School Holiday (Thanksgiving)
December 13 Last Day of Fall Semester
December 20 School Holiday (Winter break)
December 27 School Holiday (Winter break)
January 3 School Holiday (Winter break)
January 10 School Start Date, Spring Semester
January 17 Student Holiday (MLK Day)
February 14 Student Holiday (Presidents' Day)
March 14 Student Holiday (Spring Break)
April 4 Student Holiday (Good Friday/Easter)
May 23 Last day of Spring Semester

Total instructional days:

Fall: 14
Spring: 16

Key Dates

(Tentative, for planning ahead; check with your local branch for exact dates)

Nov 13-16 : Diwali - local center celebration

Dec 13 : Talent show - all students to prepare individual item, 2-3 minutes each

Mar 21 : Mock exam to confirm preparedness to take BMM exam

Apr 11 : Annual Gathering

Apr 18 : Backup/Alt date for Annual Gathering

May 02 : BMM exams. Local Shala Exams

May 09 : BMM exams. Local Shala Exams

May 16 : BMM exams. Local Shala Exams

(2 of the 3 above dates)