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July 15, 2021

Namaskar Mandali,

Summer is coming to an end and our new academic year 2021-22 for the Marathi Shala begins in August. After a challenging 2020-21 year due to the pandemic, we are excited to begin a new year of teaching kids Marathi! A few updates:

Teaching Format for 2021-22

In a parent survey conducted by the HMM Shala in May 2021, 68% parents indicated their preference for allowing their children to attend Shala ONLINE for the Fall Semester 2021. Given the parent and teacher preference, we have decided to conduct Fall Semester 2021 in an online format for all the HMM Shala branches. A decision regarding the Spring Semester 2022 will be taken in December 2021. Levels Tisari, Chauthi and Pachvi will be online for the entire academic year 2021-22 due to resource allocation.

Registration and Fees

Shala registration will be done only in the Fall Semester, for the entire year. Fees are payable on the HMM Marathi Shala website through PayPal at the link in the Registration tab, and not the HMM website.

Registration Opens: July 19, 2021 (open through Sept 25, 2021)
First Day of School: August 14/15, 2021 depending on your branch location. You will be contacted by the branch coordinator after registration

After evaluating the Shala expenses and in order to provide a better experience to students, it was decided to update the Marathi shala fees,

  • From $80/semester (or $160/year) per child of HMM member parents to $200/year and

  • From $100/semester (or $200/year) per child of non-HMM member parents to $230/year.

A majority of parents in our survey agreed with the minor fee increase.

The Shala budget is for the expenses related to student, teacher and branch needs, such as purchasing books, teaching resources and stationery, ordering student t-shirts and organize activities (such as the Annual Day, Diwali program, Talent Show etc.) We will be providing printed copies of BMM Shala e-books as core curriculum textbooks.

  • Semester exams will be conducted in December and May to evaluate students

  • BMM exams are always optional and to be decided at the discretion of teacher and principal. Parents are welcome to opt their children out of the BMM exams, and instead only be evaluated by HMM Shala semester exams.

  • The syllabus is based on the BMM syllabus outlined for each level. Students spend two years learning the curriculum in each Shala level.

  • Attendance requirement: 80% student attendance is required in order to be promoted to the next level and in order to take the HMM or BMM exams.

  • Students passing any exam will be given a Participation Certificate for that year and grade from the Shala. For promotion within the HMM Shala branches, it does not matter whether the child passes a Shala exam or a BMM exam.

Parent Interaction/Volunteering
  • Each parent is required to volunteer at least twice per semester for each child at the Shala. Opportunities will be made available later (TBA) and signup sheets will be managed by coordinators

  • Teachers will provide a Parent-Teacher conference in the Fall and Spring to let the parents know the child’s progress. No ranking information will be provided. Areas of improvement will be highlighted. These are not to be shared with students or other shakha teachers or with any other parents and is confidential in nature.

Looking forward to a successful year!

HMM Marathi Shala Team 2021-22
Principal, Mayur Khare
Curriculum Coordinator, Madhura Kelkar
Secretary, Nitu Tarnekar
Treasurer, Rohit Joshi


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